Monday, June 16, 2014

Biblical Esther meets Reign meets The Bachelor
The Selection Series, Kiera Cass
Um...I loved these.
In all their Cinderellesque, soppy glory;
  • I think it helped a grrreat deal that I didn't expect bulletproof social commentary, or a break from YA character stereotypes (and I found neither).  I wanted some easy-read escapism, and I got it.
  • The dystopian world is painted quickly, the dialogue is far-fetched, and the premise isn't new...but it is so easy to eat it up!
  • If you like the idea of a reality TV show (The Bachelor) starring a heroine voice for a subjugated people (Esther) combined with some repressed royal attraction (Reign), you might just eat it up too.   
  • I could loosely link the books to The Hunger Games as well, but the commonalities lie in the dystopia and the love story, not the action: there is no fight to the death here.  Suffice to say, there is very little action (although there is a weeee bit).
  • Thankfully, the sensuality is kept to a steady simmer.  This is not to say I'd slide this book across the desk to a 12-year-old student, but it is to say that there is no sleeping around (it is outlawed in the novel's society, in fact).  There is a lot of yearning and longing, however. 
  • The language is kept clean too.
  • I liked the protag!  
  • I read the series back to back over the course of about a week and was thoroughly entertained.  Sue me.
Skip it if you're not into love books, pick it up if you feel like some VERY LIGHT WEIGHT distraction romance.  x

  • My library has these as e-books available for loan -- worth a look at your library if the stack copies have holds.  
  • There are also a bunch of novellas in this series.
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