Thursday, June 12, 2014

Do you see numbers in everyday life?

When we were reversing out of a friend's driveway one evening, Esky exuberantly cried, "Look!"
I braked smartly, fearing danger.  
She then explained, "Those lights are making the number 6!"
I changed mental gears (pun intended, /chortle), and squinted as I looked left, right, ahead and behind.  I was struggling to see what she meant.
She was mighty chuffed with herself.
I was counting things.
Esky was not.
I finally saw.
And I took a moment to praise her for spotting the number six being formed in the urban landscape (and facing the right way!), instead or simply finding it in signage.
Can you see it?  (above)
I have found it and framed it for you, before you climb on a high horse. /wink
I mean, It's not a rearing stallion or anything, but it's good.
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