Friday, June 6, 2014

Five Goodies at 5:00

  1. Rainbow Looms.  We have one.  Do you?
  2. New fan-dangled library self-checkouts.  Now these, my friends, you have to see to believe.  I thought scanning your own books and having them simultaneously de-bleepified (so you can walk out without setting off the alarm) was impressive.  But our neeeew system? You just lay the entire stack on the machine -- in a stack -- and the screen pronto-displays all of the titles and checks them out and prints the slip.  /jaw dropped, and staying down... /talking with wide awe-jaw that affects my speech: Proximity markers, not barcodes.  Mighty impressive. 
  3. Parks and Recreation.  The show is hysterical.  Why did no one tell me?  I find out Season 5?  Whaaaa'? 
  4. Dental School.  Yes, I still go there and I am mighty satisfied with the treatment...these days.
  5. Homeschooling.  I'm still feeling peace that home education is the right call for now;
(Numeracy lesson)
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