Saturday, June 21, 2014

Mia Carries Cows

Our youngest is:
  • psuedo-talking a-plenty, sometimes while pecking the air with her words, making pointed eye contact for emphasis;
  • carrying two things in her hand from one end of the house to the other, depositing them, scanning for two toddler-sized objects in the vicinity, collecting those, and repeating the process in the opposite direction. Repeat;
  • especially fond of carrying animal figurines, and the two large cows are her preference;
  • playing alongside her elder sisters more and more;
  • excited when Papa comes home or wakes up, calling out, "Papa!  Papa!"
  • Papa's walking buddy (he takes the buggy out during her nap time for walks along the harbour or around our neighbourhood);
  • loud.  "Mama" seems only to be a word for belting out...including when she is in my lap.
  • starting to sit for books;
  • still so smiley;
  • still sleeping with us;
  • an audible(!) kisser (albeit a sometimes sloppy one);
  • climbing -- thankfully she has gotten the message that mounting table is not okay, but she is still determined to stand up on chairs to see what is happening on the table-top.  This rarely ends well;
  • a little gymnast.  When the big girls are doing "flips and tricks" (as Ivy calls them), such as holding adult hands, climbing up the adult's legs to flip backwards (you know that one well, I'm sure), Mia joins the queue with outstretched arms and looks up, batting her eyelashes with expectation.  And then she'll flip too -- while she can't do the climb up yet, with some adaptation on our part, she can perform the same maneuver and always comes back for more;
  • a big fan of yoghurt; and
  • so squishy and scrummy to squeeze.
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