Saturday, June 21, 2014

Midwinter Carnival 2014

 Two weeks ago:
 This afternoon:
 This evening, waiting for the parade to start, watching everyone light their lanterns (big and small):
Other notes:
  • When Ivy saw the spider-dude on stilts she said, "Let's go home."  The parade hadn't started.
  • Mia looks uncomfortable in my arms because she is attempting to claw her way out of the Moby.  She fell asleep in there 5 minutes later.  A covert boob may or may not have been involved.
  • I loved the way Esky's eyes were wide as she exclaimed, "It would have taken so long to make that castle!"  Our small cloud lantern took us 2 hours to make.  
  • We were next to the drumming group in the staging area.  Drums make the parade, man.
  • The fireworks were cancelled due to windy conditions.  Ba....bow.  That would be the same wind that blew out our lantern before the parade was over.  Aw.
  • The lines for the food stalls were sooooo long (note to self for next year: pack a warm wrap and a thermos of Milo and skip the queues).
  • I love Dunedin.
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