Saturday, July 12, 2014

A New Canavan Series
Thief's Magic, Trudi Canavan
  • Like the The Black Magician series and The Traitor Spy Trilogy, Trudi Canavan's latest novel harnesses multiple storylines, giving each equal attention.  In this novel, there are only two leads -- one male, one female.  I found both stories of equal interest...but I am disappointed in Canavan's treatment of something in this department!  Ah!  How could she?!  HOW COULD SHE!?
  • Yes, I'll keep reading this series.
  • Both of these compelling narratives move along at a fair (but not fast) pace. And Canavan's writing has this confidence to it that I settle into, sighing with certainty I am in good, intelligent hands.
  • The world-building is tremendous, as I expect from Canavan.  The magical system is sophisticated and fascinating.
  • The characters are incredible, as usual. Like many of Canavan's protagonists, they operate in a moral grey area, but are essentially good, and likeable.
  • There is some unpleasant sexual content, but I think it was handled with care and was integral to the story (a rare thing, I've found!).
  • There is some world-specific terminology again, but it is again carefully meted out so as not to overwhelm.
  • There is no really nasty violence or offensive language.
Overall, Thief's Magic is another strong fantasy installment...although I let out an exasperated "Ah!" at its closure.

Review copy received from Hachette.
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