Thursday, July 10, 2014

Eight things you probably didn't know at 8:00

  1. I keep gum in the car and I chew before my Sunday School and weekday piano lessons because I will not be That Teacher.  If you think gum is like cud, I empathise....but I will not. be. Her.
  2. Christopher Plummer (who played hunky Captain von Trapp) coined and trafficked the term The Sound of MucousMore diverting trivia here.
  3. I am craving salted caramel...
  4. ...but thee pasta remains my favourite food above all other foods.  Above watermelon, Yum Neua, a Jitsu plate, Canadian hot chocolate or a slice of pumpkin pie.  That's how serious this is. 
  5. I have been known to use my car-voucher-scissors to trim my hair, in-car, now and required.  My class?  She be boundless.
  6. Jimmy Fallon has a doppelganger. (11, 17 and 18 are also personal faves.)
  7. I have paid two catch-up visits to the local laundrette this winter, even though I have a working washer and dryer at home.  6 loads' worth in 40 minutes is worth quite a bit to me.
  8. Ivy currently gets to down a shot of "strawberry" milk after successful Hans Solo in-bowl urination.  The quotation marks on the flavour are because really, it's standard milk with a few drops of colouring. Yessir, we'll be ridin' that deception train as long as we can.
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