Sunday, July 6, 2014

Mini Movie Reviews: Bulk Hit No 40
Loved it.  I found this gripping, thrilling, funny, and suitably blockbustery.  We all know I like Tom.  But even if you're not a big fan, the movie is great.  It's flippin' good sci fi.  I'm surprised it didn't get a red sticker for the violent content -- so be warned -- if you're squeamish, it probably isn't for you.
/gag.  I was hoping the movie would improve the book (which I found so lack lustre); it happens occasionally.  Nope.  It was worse.  Yuck!
Oh dear.  As this opened with some slapstick, I knew it could go either way.  Unfortunately, I realised an hour too late that it was going with: lame lame lame.  I wish I excused myself when Haki did (45 minutes earlier), and then I would have been spared a grotesque few scenes.  Meh.
Visually, it is hard to believe this film is over a decade old.  The animation of horses running?  Incredible.  My girls thoroughly enjoy this, and seem to cope well with the story's ups and downs.  I didn't find Bryan Adams voice jived with the feel of the story, and his music is a massive part of the film.  Buuut, I was so thrilled to have non-anthropomorphic animals in a feature that I embraced the movie anyway. Horses -- whinnying, neighing, snorting...and not talking.  Gimme suma dat.
A refreshing feel-good.  I chose to suspend disbelief and shrug off the flaws to embrace this film's charm, warmth, acting, and dare I say it: lessons.  There is some adult content here that the most conservative in our number may not appreciate, but for me, overall? Goodie.  And the best of the like-titles listed on its poster, above.
Interesting and good-different.  Yes, it certainly makes a point of being a spectacle, but Haki and I agreed we were curious to watch it play out and both smiled at its close.  It probably won't change your life, but it is interesting.
Oh, the mixed feelings!  There are some genius moments, in this.  The music is FANTASTIC.  But there are also some "givens" that really hack me off -- like "parents are pretty crappy unless you help them snap out of it" -- given.  And more.  I think it's good, but like almost all "films for everyone," best when adults really break down which portions offer a reasonable moral and what other embedded content should be disregarded or even challenged.
Iron Man is my favourite Marvel hero.  I prefer this to The Avengers.  Muchly.
It took me a while to see this! And it's quite funny!  Our girls love it too.  And dancing to it.  I like that the storyline is fairly easy to follow.  Nigel (Jemaine Clement) has a priceless villain song.
We saw this in-theatre with the girls.  Ivy asked to watch it again the next day, at home, so I think it did okay with her.  Many sequels are such a let-down, but I think this follow-up isn't too far from the original's quality -- in fact, Esky prefers it.  Visually, it is just as striking.  I still prefer the original story (the second movie's unsettles me a little...I project even when I watch blue birds, peop's).
This is sub-par, to be sure.  Closer to bad than good.  Buuuut....I credit any sci fi that can give me images like this:

We would also skip:
Limitless - this Bradley Cooper film looked as though it might be a good'un, but we turned it off a few minutes in -- anyone less conservative want to let me know how it turns out?  Did you enjoy it?
Dream House - we thought we might be up for a little scare one evening, but the DVD menu was enough for us to exchange looks and turn this one off (two little girls standing in a dated manor with eerie music playing? Projection Potential = Astronomical) 
Step Up 4 - our nephew swore that despite being the fourth in a-tired-at-inception franchise, this movie was "better than 3" and worth watching.  Haki and I enjoyed his company (and maybe one or two dance scenes), but the movie is a.w.f.u.l. (the meet-cute and ensuingset-up with a stranger is NOT cute).
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