Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Review: Landline

Landline, Rainbow Rowell

It took me 80 pages to get a taste for exactly what was cookin' here...and then it was...
  • Rowell isn't shy with profanity or substance references.  I'd go so far as she serves both out in generous measure.  This isn't to my taste.
  • I found the protag unlikeable.  It isn't because she is flawed or because she is a she-jerk (although she's both), it's because, try as I might...I couldn't find any part of me that wanted to root for her. 
  • Not only that, I didn't like the protag's friends (they're jerks too). And the one person I sorta liked (yup, only sort of), was the semi-jerk the protag was crapping on.  Eep.
  • We are repeatedly told some of the characters ARE funny; "fact" (they even make a living being funny, apparently).  But I didn't find them amusing.  At all.  This could be like Seinfeld and white chocolate, where a lot of you folks are crazy about it but I just can't seem to find it as enjoyable...Is it?  Is Landline white chocolate?  It's not even really chocolate, you know.
  • I liked the mannerism descriptions.
  • I really wanted to know what happened, though.
  • And I liked the ending.
  • And magical realism? I'm fine with it.   
  • But I was not wow-ed.  Sorry, all.  I'm priiiitty confident Rowell-fans are not going to be dissuaded by one underwhelmed hume.  When Rowellovers fall, they fall hard!  
  • If you're new to Rowell, maybe start with another one of her books and return to this one.
Advance review copy from Hachette.
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