Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Hermione Anemone and the Enormous Storm, Clara Molloy Tan
Not only is this little tale about Hermione Anemone written in verse, each sea creature's name is also a catchy rhyme to match the leading lady's (and her's is a super-rhyme, don't you think?).  The story is simple to follow; a storm brings visitors to Hermione's rock pool one by one, and she is an excellent hostess for the course of the storm (there are even party favours!).  The book is all positive about storms, I might add -- a great connotation to have attached to a potentially negative event for our little humans -- storms can bring people together! The illustrations are detailed and vibrant, keeping all three of my girls engrossed.  I even like the story text's wavey style (sometimes I find unusual typefaces distracting for body text, but this is uniform enough that I think it adds rather than detracts from its impact).  Also, the two-dimensional image, above, doesn't do the book justice, as the actual cover has a shiny tactile element to Hermione that is irresistable to little hands.  A happy addition to our family library.  It's also available in hardback!

In bookstores today.
Thank you, Hachette, for the review copy.

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