Monday, July 21, 2014


Three Little Girls.

Ivy: (After accidentally dropping something) Oops! Buff my buffers!
Esky: It's "Bust my buffers."
Ivy: Bufst my buffers!

Every day:
Ivy: Mia is awake, can I touch her now?!
Me: I'm pretty sure you touching her is why she is awake.
Esky: Yup, she was stroking her cheek again.
Ivy: But now she is awake, can I touch her?
5 minutes later:
Ivy: Papa!  Papa!  Mia is awake, you can touch her now.

Esky: I'll be Elsa.
Ivy: I'm Elsa. See my cape and glove? (Twisting to reveal tied-on scarf and splaying fingers within one of Mia's socks)
Esky: I know! We can both be Elsa!
Ivy: Na.
Esky: Don't you want to be Anna? She's the real hero.
Ivy: Did you see my glove? Splay.  Splay.
Esky: Okay, I'll be Anna.
Me: Good call, E, she is the real hero in my book.
Ivy: No Mama, it's a movie.

Ivy: Car sounds like our car! (Pointing at a car of the same make and model, while out and about.)
Esky: It's "Car like our car!" You cannot hear if their engine is just the same, you just see they are a silver SUV.
Ivy: Car like a car!

Whenever we drive down a steep hill (which is often, in this city):
Ivy, then Esky: Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

June (a friend): Let's play pretend. I really like this bed, this can be my bed. (Her hand on Ivy's bed rail)
Ivy: This bed is only for Ivies.

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