Sunday, August 3, 2014

Eight Shorts at 8:00

  1. I just received my third Jury Summons.  Thrice, I have been called up, people, thrice. Most people I know have never received one call.  I was excused the last two times.  This time my duty has been deferred until next year.  I have a year to decide whether I'll be a quiet attendee who helps ensure things move along quickly or whether I'll throw my hand up for Chair; it could go either way.  (Excused due to being a full-time mother and school teacher to three little humans for the week in question, if you're askin')
  2. I take pleasure in sorting utensils into the dishwasher cutlery basket.  It brings me happiness to know there is one fork, spoon and knife in each partition so no nesting will occur.  If double-ups must be, then the second goes upside-down.  Yes, I could be a Quiet Jury Member.
  3. I have had migraines since I was a teenager.  The kind with an aura (loss of vision), numbness, and sometimes, word salad.  Apparently I also get facial migraines.  I didn't know these were a thing...but the GP I saw at the After Hours last week suggested my waves of pain post-flight should be so-named.  They were nasty.  I do not wish any of you to know the sensation, and hope I never do again.  I am just coming off the meds now, and I wake up every morning with a bit of a fear-squint, anticipating pain greeting me when I stand.  I think it's over.  /brow wipe.
  4. What could be better than a free-range fluffy bunny that grazes the surrounds where you live?  I mean, it's a bunny.  He hops around.  Free.  I'll tell you what: two free-range fluffy bunnies, is what.  That's right, our neighbours with the breached hutch have a new rabbit.  Nothing says "quiet neighbourhood" like two little Thumpers at large, day to day.
  5. Mia is in cloth nappies these days.  I didn't do cloth with Esky or Ivy.  Don't judge too hard; I was sufficiently swamped, what with learning how exactly to get the milk out of the chest receptacles into the ravenous-yet-barely-open newborn mouths and whatnot.  I know this progression is kind of backwards to the norm -- don't some people start with cloth and then as the brood grows they tap out and embrace disposables?  I feel like that happens sometimes...most domestic washing machine capacities being what they are.  Anyway...I got a bargain on some of the fancy snappy ones (a bargain like you wouldn't believe!), and putting these on Mia's bottom makes me feel more love for her.  It is as though I am willing to do even more for her.  It is weird.  Have all of you cloth peop's been feeling this all along?  AH!
  6. On body waste: the second child still doesn't really get that this stuff goes in the toilet.  It's been almost a year.  She used to get it...and then she just, unlearned.  Esky didn't regress, and so this is new to me...and can I just say -- I feel so much compassion right now for anyone else who has had a child go "backwards."  We're just rollin' with it...but I assure you, some days my "rollin' with it face" looks a lot like my exasperated one.
  7. If you kiwis with a smartphone are with State or AMI Insurance, I hope you have downloaded their app. The discount at vtnz on the WoF is nifty (FlyBuys and a discount!) but what is truly glorious is that with the app I get a free hot chocolate every time I refuel at Z.  I have received no compensation for this endorsement...but I am endorsing, hard.  Well, I guess all the free hot chocolate I've consumed could loosely be counted as compensation.  Mmm.  $50 a week fuel, free hot chocolate, FlyBuys points accrued, fuel voucher tendered...I just don't know why I'd go somewhere else?  The more I type, the more I feel I deserve further compensation.  But really, if you don't have the app...and you fit the should totally get your free hot drink routine going. 
  8. We were driving past the Traditional Chinese Medical Centre and we saw this cute lady slicing her arms in rhythm out front.  If you watch these 2 seconds enough times, you will capture the magic that is her "waiting jig."  In Haki's words (words riddled with presumption, I acknowledge), "You know, Chinese people live to be really old so we should be taking note here."   She was also smiling.  She definitely knows something;
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