Tuesday, August 12, 2014

More Knox

Mortal Fire, Elizabeth Knox
Holy mackerel.  I am mightily impressed with this book.  And it is a slow-paced book, friends.  And I like it.  Nay, I love it.  That's saying a lot.  I am a very impatient reader.  So if you love an intentional, thoughtful, slow-woven tale already, you're not even going to feel forced affection for the first half -- this novel is going to seriously light your mortal fire.  It's late.  Sorry...but I was up late reading the second-half of a slow-paced book in one sitting.  Me!  Onto the bullets (because I expect impatience from my readers);
  • Knox's writing is so rich!  It is excellent, but it demands serious concentration!  And when you're running on sleep dep and you're accustomed to fast-flicking through YA novels...the richness is intense.  I had to hard blink and re-read some sentences, because they were so dense with meaning and poetry that it made my head hurt a tad.  And then upon rereading, I was so relieved I had, because sure enough, pushing on in pursuit of only the gist of the story I would have truly missed something exquisite...every...time. 
  • So: this book is not a holiday escape quickie, nor a word-snack buffet for waiting rooms and bathroom visits.  But if you allow for the slow burn (the puns, they keep coming!), it is so worth it.
  • Mortal Fire is crazy-intelligent, beautifully well-written, and oozing original.  I am crazy proud that Elizabeth Knox is a New Zealander.
  • Did I  mention, the magical writing is backed up by a preposterously excellent story?  Because that deserves its own bullet; truth.  
Read more about an earlier duet by Elizabeth Knox set in the same world.   You can read Mortal Fire without having read the first pair.
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