Friday, August 8, 2014

Some Pretty Good YA

Good but not mind-blowing:

Legend, Prodigy and Champion, Marie Lu
Here's three slices of uber-popular, post-apocalyptic YA for ya. 
I think of Marie Lu as an Ideas Writer, rather than a wordsmith.  I didn't find myself chewing a phrase thrice because it was pretty or clever.  I also wasn't wholly absorbed in the story, but I was invested enough to read all three books.  Average dialogue, simplified science and politics, but a fairly strong romance and quick and easy read.   
Language: (daggy) euphemisms are used, Sensuality: Plenty, and the actual deed is done (we are told but not given vivid descriptions).

Dangerous, Shannon Hale
Hard Sci Fi.  From Shannon Hale.  I do not kid.

I enjoyed this more than Legend.  I enjoyed the dialogue, humour, pacing, and characters veddimuch.  There's some crazy teenage insta-love, a bad triangle, melodrama and logic-lack here, but I forgave, and read on quite eagerly.  I went in knowing nothing about the book except that I trusted the author and that this wasn't fantasy.  While there are holes and I don't think this work is as polished as I expect from Hale, in terms of Hard Sci Fi, it's a fun read.
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