Saturday, August 2, 2014

We're back

We are not long home from another trip Northward.
A trip I made with these three little travellers and my MIL;

  • Ivy asked daily when we were going on a plane.  For weeks.  The day comes? She doesn't want to leave the airport playground to board the aircraft.
  • Baby Mia -- accustomed to her rear-facing, five-point harness carseat -- was very excited to perch on my lap or at the window on the bus (well, on the coach -- a distinction drawn by our  driver). 
  • We were visiting the temple, family and friends.  That's my dad reading to the girls, the girls with their cousins whom we stayed with not long ago, and an uber-tired me and super-cute Sarah. 
  • The girls and I shared one bed for the visit. At bedtime, Esky was drawing out boundaries on the sheets, and claiming trespassing limbs and unwelcome sounds of all varieties.  Flash-forward 30 min, and that kid is draped over the offender in a Serious Embrace.

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