Monday, September 22, 2014

Five (Mostly) Food Things at 5:00

  1. My kids often elect to delay gratification.  This is not news to me.  What amused me today, was to discover that one of their favourite kinds of crackers qualifies as a treat worth saving (see photo, up therrr').  I assure you these do not remain on their plates due to dislike or lack of appetite!  Bless them.  (These were furnished as mid- dinner prep distractions.) And saving in tandem, too.  My chest got hot and airtight at the sight.
  2. We usually eat our main meal of the day around 1pm.  This works for us, largely because of Haki's work schedule (he's usually home for lunch but leaves before dinner), but I also have more motivation and patience around this time.  Come the evening hours and I very often think a quick sandwich or some such small solution sounds super.    Sssssth.
  3. Aside: the plates the girls' crackers are being saved on?  I picked 'em up for free from a giveaway box out front at a local Sallies (I was only there to drop off, by the way /bow). Haki's thoughts on these plates?  Nana plates.  Me?  I think they are glorious.
  4. We are currently reducing our sugar intake.  Isn't everyone? 
  5. I am still eating seriously large volumes of food (including The Salad).  Mia is still nursing in seriously large volumes.  I am worried about the latter eventually ceasing and the former not getting the memo.  Ah!
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