Saturday, September 13, 2014

I want to eat you up, kid

 At 15.5 months...
  • ...she slurs a bunch of words (aside from our names); cracker (kaka), I love you (ahowooo), thank you (hahu), more please (mohee), hi, hello (hewo), bye-bye (ba-bye).  She says Esky's name a lot.
  • ...Mia talks to cats, usually sternly.
  • ...she nods with the top half of her body.
  • ...Mia climbs ladders and crosses swing-bridges with confidence, flying down high slides with  or without her older sisters, fearlessly.
  • ...she suggestively brings a pair of shoes to me every morning when we head to the kitchen for breakfast -- the kid loves going outside.  If I return them to the shoe shelf she is melodramatic about her disappointed body language.
  • ...Mia is often in her helmet -- whether riding some wheels or no.  Helmet sliding?  Sure.  Helmet wandering?  Why not?
  • ...she plays well with Esky and Ivy -- often giggling off in a room somewhere together.
  • ...Mia is still nursing like a fiend.  Like a fiend! 
  • ...she is also pretty loud.
I can barely stand it.

The last time I posted a Mia pic (just over Age 1)
And the last video of her (just under Age 1)

We turned her carseat around, on a road trip to Queenstown a few weeks ago in the hopes it would increase her attention span.  She spewed soon thereafter.  Legally, she's been okay to face the front since her birthday, but we know extended rear-facing is encouraged.  It was front-facing today, when I took these pictures.

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