Monday, September 29, 2014

Latest Mercy Book
Night Broken, Patricia Briggs
***I love Mercy Thompson novels.
I love this Mercy Thompson novel (#8).
I love Mercy...
  • A married heroine?  A happily married heroine?  With a step-daughter, even?  And her own business?  And magic?  YES FREAKIN' PLEASE.  When I settle back into a Mercy novel I always feel so happy to have escaped the teens for a while.
  • And yet I don't find Briggs' novels offend my tastes the way adult fantasy novels are prone to do.  
  • Although...there is some sensuality in this novel.  I think it is pretty tasteful (and it's always between a married couple). 
  • The conversations are so well-written.
  • All characters matter.
  • History and research enrich and lend authenticity to the narrative.
  • As usual, the novel is a self-contained story (well, series of inter-woven stories), although there are references to things that have gone before, and I would always recommend reading them from 1-8...because why wouldn't you?  See ***.  I envy you if you have all those to look forward to.  (I thought Books 1 and 2 were good, but I think it was at Book 3 that I knew I was seriously invested in the characters and would read every book Briggs' wrote in this world).
I was sorry when it was over.

For: Fans of Urban the very least.

One/two-liner summaries of Books 1-7 here.

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