Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Five Math Matters at 5:00

  1. I feel a little sorry that our miniature loco driver did not make Straw Fedora 'til I Die a 100% gig.
  2. Occasionally (occasionally), I sell things on TradeMe.  This is after I've established no one I know would benefit from having the thing in question and if I think I spent enough on the item that it is worth the trouble to try and recoup some of the funds to inject back into our (solo income) budget.  So.  When I do this, selling biznessss, I believe in $1 reserves.  Don't we all?  And sometimes, the results speak for themselves -- like the bike I bought for $5 that had two flat tyres, and I sold it for $30...with two flat tyres -- dollar reserve.  And other times, the results speak in another way.  And it's mean.  Like when I sold a bike that usually retails for $199 (with some extra parts, too!) for $3.50 -- $1 reserve.  Cuss.  And /sob
  3. I accidentally started collecting bikes recently.  Ivy needed a pedal bike and I occasionally watch too many auctions on TradeMe.
  4. More on multiplication: We thought it was pretty spesh when we moved away from our free range hen out in the country and into the city to discover a free range bunny.  A month or so ago, we discovered a second bunny.  The two seemed rather fond of each other.  What are the odds of two bunnies roaming free in the middle of town, undaunted by vehicles, predators and grabby kids?  As one might expect this paragraph to end, it ends with babies.  Baby bunnies. Two.  Before you call pest control, know that natural selection has seen to the end of the white bunny (poor, poor camouflage, little one) and the growth of the grey one.  Spotting the rabbits and watching the fluffy drama unfold has delighted our household.  Well, 80% of it, muchly...20 percent have been polite.   I expect another litter before the year's end...and then our neighbour intends to get Fudgehog fixed.  Yes, that is the brown rabbit's name, and that is what the girls cry when they spy her.  Free-range bunnies are to me what midgets are to Adam Sandler.  I sometimes wonder if I'm trippin' to be witnessing this hallmark of happiness.
  5. Now, for a graph relating to Mia, me and breastfeeding:
There is a serious problem emerging in the chartreuse region. /blink blink.  The lime, people, THE LIME!  The cravings aren't the babies, they are mine, and they are not on the decline...eep.
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