Friday, October 17, 2014

Five More Things (So soon? WHY YES!) at 5:00

  1. Apparently there is this new, incredible Flavoured Milk to Rule Them All and people are crazy about it.  Haki has checked two supermarkets with high hopes.  Have you tried it?  Is it worth all this hype?  I've just emailed to ask if they'll tell me how to get some so I can answer that question too.
  2. I recently re-viewed this Morning Through Esky's Eyes video and OH MY, her little voice and her littleness and the bouncing camera.  /Adore.
  3. I could add another line to Tuesday's Graph -- the one where I lamented my eating habits being rather Equine, if they were in a simile.  It would be a steep, upward-trending line representing The Need to Pee, which is Very Frequent, my friends.  Baby was doing me so many favours, with all that nursing, but among them, she was sparing me the mighty inconvenience of excusing myself so often for visits to the water closet.  This, I have not missed.
  4. My dad is one of my biggest fans.  He is also my Chief Editor.  He may be opposed to the willy nilly use of capitals in this post.  He won't say.  But he will speak up if I've ironically promised "Eight Math Matters at 8:00" and then led with a "Five at 5" header at 8:00pm.  She be sloppy.  So er...I culled the original post and forgot to update a few things.  It was late at the time of writing.  I will not blame The Weaning (more caps for emphasis?  Egads), but I will say this again: You survived.  And my reactive tic to having learned of the error is subsiding.
  5. We have a costume party coming up.  On Halloween.  The latter's by the by, but COSTUMES, did you read?  Costumes.  I promise photos [PHOTOS HERE].
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