Thursday, November 13, 2014

Grisham's Latest
Gray Mountain, John Grisham
I've read a fair amount of Grisham.
I own a fair amount.
I get Grisham moods.

Sadly, I wouldn't number his latest offering among my favourites.

Gray Mountain sees a long-deferred return to a female protagonist! (The only other he's had, I'm aware of, was back in The Pelican Brief!  ...some people are saying this is his first, but I'm pretty sure those people are wrong).  Anyway, a female heroine!  A clever lure, old friend.  Sadly, the epicentre of the novel's weakness;
  • I didn't relate to Samantha.  I wasn't convinced I was reading a female voice.  I was told Samantha was brilliant.  I did not detect her brilliance in the narrative.  Quite the opposite.  She seemed a little stup'.
  • I'm told Samantha has chemistry with multiple other characters.  I had felt none by any other device.  (Related note: There is a small amount of sex.  It is pretty "meh.")
  • These things aside -- you know, ignoring the Main Character Blow-out -- I still wanted to read.  It felt like Erin Brokovich meets The Pelican Brief.  The best content, is all the research and supporting examples for his anti-strip-mining propaganda...
  • ...But because it is an Issue Novel, it isn't so thrilling.  Although there are a few moments that I went, "Nicely done, John.  Nicely done," it lacked suspense.
  • But I like some of the moral points.  But there's a fair amount of repetition and shouting of messages here.
  • There was a shortage of courtroom speeches.  I like a drummed up, emotional courtroom speech.  It's craving those that brings on the mood!  But I respect that this was a different aspect of the ol' lawyering.
  • Overall?  It was okay.  If you too, are taken by Grisham moods, now and then, you'll find a good legal tale here.  You will not find a ripping thriller, so much.  Or a love story to talk about.  But it's Grisham.  ...?    /feeble-thumbs up
Review copy supplied by Hachette.

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