Saturday, November 1, 2014

I'm certainly not 17 anymore...

...but like DiCaprio in Catch Me If You Can (28 playing 17), Winkler in Happy Days (a high school drop-out at 29 at the start of the show), and Fox in Back to the Future (29 playing 17 in movie 3), this small quibble was not going to stop me donning a teenager's persona for 2014's costume season -- a literary heroine's garb, no less. 

I felt my real age.
But I ignored it, and went Karou on everybody's arses.*

And taking my 17-year-old duties seriously, I endeavoured to produce selfies;
(^this one you can just make out my scuppies!)
(The Obligatory One with My Hair Out. "My?" I've just gone Method.
(Okay, not a selfie, but a member of my chimaera posse with cheeks of such proportions? Must. Include.  Do not get me started on how the menagerie of upright, anthropomorphic animals scampering about this weekend has all played into my costume theme.  My three girls were all of human aspect.  /polishing lapel.)

Lost?  Read the books, already, people.
P.S. Stockard Channing was 34 when she played Pink Lady Rizzo, in Grease!

*Mom, it's not really a swear-word if there's an "R" in it.  
Second post script: I am quite certain disinfecting the heck out of a real wishbone before painting and gloss-coating it for wear makes me way less Ghetto.  Also: Less Method.  Karou handles dem bones without a spray can of Dettol.  She also doesn't have time for selfies.  Or smiling for selfies. Guys, it is a complicated business playing "a 17-year-old" whilst playing a specific 17-year-old! 
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