Thursday, November 6, 2014

Laini's Dreamdark Books
Blackbringer, Laini Taylor
None of Blackbringer was bad, but I felt the first half I was searching for what direction the narrative was taking.  I was intrigued by the smattering of interesting scenes, but waiting for them to be woven together.  From around halfway, (entering Dreamdark onwards), the book became quite wonderful.  Also:
  • These fairies are what fairies should be.  
  • It was interesting to find themes and motifs here that reappear and are further explored in DOSAB.
  • Alternative-to-creation content -- be warned, for those opposed.
  • Having Laini's husband, Jim, do the artwork?  GENIUS.  I rarely (very rarely) feel illustrations add to novels I read.  The illustrations in both of these books are edgy, appealing and accurate!  (I could write an entire post on how irritated I was, even as a young reader, to see an interpretation of "my" protagonist that was not just a different idea of him/her, but it was all-out wrong -- maybe the novel would say in the first chapter, "shoulder-length hair," and then there's a lass on-cover sporting elbow-length locks. Gah!)
  • Blackbringer was good.  A good scene-setter.  A good read.  I'm glad I read it.  It was imperative I did so that I might fully enjoy...
Silksinger, Laini TaylorExcellencccce.   Blackbringer serves as a prologue on super juice -- introducing an ensemble of charming characters and the foes they that we can return in gripping sequel.  Silksinger is an equally dark and delightful epic tale that reeks and sings of Laini.
  • Armed with all I had learned of this world and its races, I was able to really revel in the richness and beauty of the journey in Silksinger with minimal exposition. I have a deep appreciation of the foundation laid in Book 1.
  • I was unsurprised to find thoughtful status- and class-building within the world -- including scamperers, performers, nobility, crows, imps, champions, and things akin to gods, all having a rightful place...and I felt eager, competent and worthy to navigate through all of these, not overwhelmed in the least.  Why?
  • Because the writing is tremendous, is why.  I was given a pass to another Elsewhere.
  • And there are new characters in Book 2.  And I loved them.
  • The entire book is again -- excellent -- but from half-way to home I was in heaven.
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