Tuesday, November 25, 2014

New Release Book: A Concise and Cheeky Lesson in Manners

Please Mr Panda, Steve Antony
My girls leaped towards this book, on sight, so I can attest to the cover's visual appeal.  Now, to its innarrrrrds;
  • I really really like that the title is a double entendre.  So much. 
  • This book reminds me of Mo Willems and Jon Klassen.  My girls laughed on each page.  But like Willems and Klassen, the price of this laughter is characters behaving badly.  I think Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus is super-funny.  But I also think a child is more inclined to quote the shouted (rude, often demanding) lines in these types of books than they are to remember any moral...unless we really hammer it in.  And then still, they're going to laugh at the bad behaviour.  (We could debate the moral versus entertainment here).
  • It is very short.
  • It's a great opportunity for those who like doing voices.
  • I think it is neat-o that all of the characters are black and white and the doughnuts are the colourful.
  • I also think it is a nice touch that each animal's answer is different (and only one renders results).
Sound like you?  You can pick up a copy in bookstores now!

Review copy received  from Hachette.

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