Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Last-minute Gifts from the Supe

It is on this final stretch that you can occasionally remember there is someone or some family that you very much want to give something, and somehow, there has been an oversight.  If you, like me, would rather not (or cannot / will not) head to the mall or department stores to remedy this, you are left with few options.  You could make a gift.  That's nice.  Or you could still get something from the supermarket when you make the next run for milk and bread (because you're not planning to do another big shop before the 25th, are you?!)  Most supermarkets stock items they bring in for the Christmas season that can be purchased as non-food gifts.  But beyond the promotional items, there's some things that are always there, ready for you to simply add ribbon to, like:
  • Ecostore Lemongrass Soap (cheap but divine) + A Couple of  Thick Facecloths
  • Muffin Trays + A Pack of Chocolate Chips
  • Tea Towels Rolled Up + A New Glass Bowl
  • Gardening Gloves + Seed Packets
  • A Living Herb + A Pot
  • Twistable Crayons + A Ream of Paper (my kids would be in heaven if it was their white paper!)
  • A Free-form Cake Pan + Long and Skinny Birthday Candles
  • A Game of Skip-Bo (or whatever your supermarket is offering)
But often what you're after, is food -- because it feels good to come bearing food.  And so often, we come bearing chocolate.

Last year, when I was eating chocolate for lunch and chocolate for lunch-dessert, I made a list of all of the foods I deem gift-worthy that aren't chocolate or candy canes.  Because every time someone gave me more of those things, I almost felt like going, "Noooo!  Now I have to eat these!"  Please note:  Chocolate can be stored.  Most confectionery can be stored.  But this doesn't change that the close of the year is often saturated in sugary snacks, at least around here.  Why?  Because I go to the cupboard, and the sugary snacks are instant.  I am not saying y'all should hold the sugar, either.  Some sugar brings me happiness. But we can count on the fact that "some sugar" is going to happen, with very little help.  Let's help the alternatives, instead!

Here are some food gifts you can pick up that will help break up the chocolate overload for a friend, or maybe for you -- if your friend reads this (you're welc's):

Just add ribbon to...
  • A Bag of Nuts (A gift of pistachios or cashews?  I would consider that awesome.)
  • A Roll of Salami
  • A Pineapple
  • Packets of Strawberries
  • Cheese Stick Crackers
  • Fresh Cherries
  • Watermelon or Melon
  • A Fruit Kebab Platter
  • Cheese and Crackers Combo (you could fill two jars -- one with each)
  • Breath Mints 
  • Specialty Bread
  • Fancy Cheese 
Or you could pick up some supe (or other) vouchers, on the last run.  How many people would be happier to be given even a $5 supermarket voucher over $5 in chocolates when they have 6 boxes of chocolates in their pantry?  /raising hand and looking around with crazy eye.

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