Saturday, December 27, 2014

More Rowell
When we last met, we were one for one, here folks -- Landline was a not for me, but Attachments absolutely was.  Both are not for the more conservative members of our number.  Fangirl was to be a decider, of sorts -- on whether to rule Attachments as an anomaly and shrug off future publications, or whether I should presume Landline was the exception; that Rowell's stuff is usually my kind of stuff.   The verdict?  I'll try her next book if two of you say it's good.  Other notes:
  • I found Fangirl harder to get into, than Attachments.  I was less intrigued.
  • The swearing gets kind of annoying.
  • I love the allusions and tributes.
  • I thoroughly enjoyed reading about someone whose situation and nature is so different from mine.  I really enjoyed the journey and progress the main character makes.
  • Great writing.
  • The final quarter felt so much more complex for the foundation and layering work that preceded it.  
  • I think it's a shame that Fangirl does little for stereotypes...but I think there is some humanizing happening, as well as some reaching out. 
  • This is another I wouldn't recommend for young YA.
  • Once I got into it, I found it engrossing and made time for reading it.  I wasn't crazy-satisfied at the close, but I was happy.

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