Monday, December 22, 2014

This book is not by Leslie Knope
Yes Please, Amy Poehler
  • There are some great anecdotes and pieces of Poehler trivia in here.
  • I did find some of the name drops and in-industry commentary interesting.
  • Poehler's frankness on sometimes-taboo topics was refreshing.
  • I didn't enjoy other people's writing being included...
  • ...nor waiting so long for stories to deliver climaxes.
  • Conclusion: I crush on Leslie Knope.  I grew tired of the writing style of Amy Poehler pretty quickly.  I also felt like a conservative Nancy reading some of the brow-raisers in there.  Basically, I think I could live and work with Knope, but I'm not sure I'd even have Poehler over to visit.  And you know what the great thing is?  She probably would be the first to agree that is for the best. /cough:"rifler"
Glad I borrowed and not bought on this one.  

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