Saturday, January 24, 2015

Eight Happy Happenings at 8:00

  1. I had my Birthday Week earlier this month.  I highly recommend the practice; truly tops a birthday. Among the spoils, we had extra time with our Sister Family (like a Sister City, only familial), including double datin' with the parents of said family; 
    These two look ridiculously cute in this photo.  I took it.  I am not trying to claim their cuteness as something I created, but guys, I totally captured it (casually, with a phone /knuckle polish).  You two: If you ask me to take this down I will be sad.  Laughter and smile squints make for happy photos.
  2. Also in January: Haki and I celebrated 12 years of marriage.  Life with him is just getting better.
  3. Near our home, there is a small playground.  It features swings and a pair of see saws.  For some years now, Esky and I have been playing a game of Fling from the swings (you flick your jandal or shoe off of your foot mid-swing as far as you can).  The best part of Fling with Esky was that on my turns, she would bring back my jandals or shoes, lob them to me while I was still swinging, and I would reload and re-Fling.  She's a kind one.  Who thought things could get any better?  Well, we took the Sister Family to our mini-park and flung with them.  And the game got better.  And this week (/deep breaths to calm myself), I FLUNG AND HIT THE PATH.  IT HAS BEEN MY END-GOAL FROM THE BEGINNING OF FLING.  It is far.  It was glorious.  Never mind that another Flinger flung further.  I HIT THE PATH.   I saw and heard when it hit.
  4. One day while our Sister Family was visiting, a fantail flew into our lounge via the sliding door, made a quick assessment of our interior, and exited again via the same door.  This all took less than 3 seconds -- so brief it almost made you wonder if you we were seeing things, collectively.  Crisis averted by way of doing nothing.  Because Indoor Birds are a minor crisis, guys, even if I do my "Hey, no big deal" shrug and face when a bird gets trapped inside.  Minor though.  There are bigger crises.  A lot of 'em.
  5. Today, the girls and I watched a passing convoy of classic cars brimming with occupants in period dress.  Esky kept count of the line-up and thrilled at dubbing almost all vehicles "Like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang."
    "Like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" #22
  6. I chortle whenever I come upon things like this
    This is what Esky does when sleep doesn't come immediately.  I won't tell her the T-shirt's on backwards. 
  7. A copy of Lips Touch, by Laini Taylor, arrived from Book Dep today.  I ordered it for meeeee as a birthday present.  Our library doesn't hold a copy, so I will be reading my own for my first read.  I am confident I've made a sound investment.
  8. My Bosom Buddy of many years recently came to stay with us (along with her SO).  We played games, managed unwellness with humour, shared favourite comedy sketches and clips, dined and watched those who wined, and reminisced over our University years -- including that night we called up to Cadbury factory workers on-break to "throw down some chocolate!"  They did. 
    BB Florence and me in front of the factory that housed late night generous dare devils.  If you think this caption should say "Florence and I" then you are mistaken.  We can still be friends.
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