Friday, January 2, 2015

Five Niggly Neg's at 5:00

  1. Repeatedly flicking a large duvet inner within its outer so that it evenly spreads and fills the casing out apparently requires a number of muscles I have retired.  After about 8 flicks, I'm spent.  /puff
  2. The era of the free-range bunny is coming to its end.  Those were happy days. But Corpse Counting got old, real fast.  I even dreamt of dead bunnies -- they're in my psyche, people!  I have asked the owner of Mama Bunny via electronic missive to see to the fixing of said Mama Bunny's reproductive parts so that they stop producing future fluffy carcasses.
  3. On those parts: I think I've already griped about the fact that because Mia is nursing less and less (one Farewell Feed, each night), my body has received a message that my systems are go.  Yes, Aunty Flo makes her visits.  She is a bossy beast.
  4. Not to be confused with "Aunty Florence" -- a beloved, real and living human who is coming to visit from distant lands in a few days!  Aaaaaaaaah!  My children calling her "Florence" failed to reflect her import.  It seemed natural to add a familial honorific.  It is very unfortunate that her potential-nick is a euphemism for menses.  
  5. I've lost track of how many times the (creepster) Pest Control dude has come to treat our home for borer.  Somewhere in the "Tired of Emptying all of the Cupboards and Evacuating All Except my Masculine Husband who Remains to Supervise the Creepster Tradey in Our Home with All of Its Innards Expelled" range.  He came a month or so ago.  The problem is, painted and stained timber protects borer that is living inside it (do not paint over borer holes, my friends!).  So we have years of waiting for them to bore their way out.  There are fresh borer wiggly at the flight holes and inert on the windowsills...presently.  Corpses all round; /raising invisible glass. 
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