Sunday, January 25, 2015

Mia at 1.5ish

Christmas day; pretty jazzed...about one of her sister, Ivy's, gifts.
 At 20 months:
  • Mia is done slurring only a small smattering of words and can now copy most things we suggest.  Before she reached this state of constant vocabulary expansion, she added some great words to her arsenal (previous words here), including: morning!, two, horse, cool, apple, 'nana, hug, whe(r)e'gone? "pee-a-oo," cat, p(l)ay, let it go, bed, sock with a "d", again, mine, pig, "I stuck," Thomas, t(r)ain, come on, happy, pull, water, bird, "I come," "sowwy," Amen, shoes, other side, sleep, cheese, caps, bubble, water, tidy, milk, baby, you okay?, poo, toot, hurt, dirty, tidy, and nose.
  • Whenever anyone bumps something, coughs, trips, drops something, groans a little, or in any way expresses discomfort (including sarcastically), she loudly says, "You okay?!" with a sweet high rising terminal.  She also offers "hug?" with her arms wide, sometimes after your injury or incident, something just for fun.
  • Favourite foods: corn on the cob, yoghurt, eggs, peanut butter on a spoon, most meats. She doesn't like licorice - which the other two did, at this age.
  • She will swing on a swing indefinitely.
  • She still brings shoes to us, suggesting she wants to go outside.  She now says, "Shoes.  Outside." instead of simply physically cueing us. She then brings a pair to each family member and places them in a pair in front of them.  Usually matching, in size.
  • If she can't be outside, she loves playing with the wooden train set.
  • Mia is day-weaned, and in-the-night weaned (later than the other two).  We will soon drop the last, singular, farewell feed.  /sigh
  • She has discovered how to put her window down in the car.  I derive great pleasure from turning the window lock on and off from the front and catching her corresponding expressions of consternation and joy.
  • When I say I need to change her nappy, Mia brings me a new nappy, the wipes, and talcum powder.  She returns them all for me afterwards too.  She also enjoys dropping dirty clothes into the machine.  I enjoy watching her.
  • She love love loves going on trampolines.  It will be more fun for me in a few months.
Post-chocolate icecream-filled cone for my birthday dessert.  The forehead splatter slays me.
The last time I posted a Mia update (15.5 months)
Before that (just over Age 1)
And the last video of her (just under Age 1)

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