Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Mini Movie Reviews: Bulk Hit No 43

Into the Woods
Such a mixed bag!  There were moments where I squeezed Haki's hand and leaned over and whispered, "I love this!" and others where I screwed up my nose in disappointment.  Among the pros: there is this one scene that is sensationally funny to me (I'm pretty sure you'll know if you see it).  I often say, sometimes an okay film produces an exceptionally fine and unique scene.  This is such a scene. I cried with laughter.  I also enjoyed the score (although Haki finds Into the Woods too talky-singy for his taste), the melodrama, and stylised delivery.  That's what you're in for, folks.  Please, don't go in only to lament the far-fetchedness of the action or the script or the whatever -- you purchased a ticket to a Disney musical based on an existing show all about drawing together multiple fairytales.  Not one, but multiple. fairy. tales. So the scoffs I heard in the theatre during cheese or tease?  A little out of place, ya?  In a cinema where people have basically said: "One fairytale is not enough for me, and can you SING THEM, please?"  About 1.5 hours in Haki and I agreed the movie felt like it should wrap up.  It didn't.  It dragged from that point, and felt longer than it was...so something wasn't right in the pacing for us -- although I liked that it offered an epilogue to "ever after!" It just wasn't an engaging one.   Lastly, I have a rant-worthy gripe about part of the story (not a movie choice, but the original show's story), that I cannot let be (impending shouted spoiler)...
STOP PERPETUATING THE NOTION THAT INFIDELITY IS THRILLING AND A COLOURFUL LIFE OPTION!!!!!! /calming breath.  I get that people make mistakes, but guys...GUYS! (P.S.  Some of the Grimm in this is a bit much for younger viewers, to be sure.)
Big Hero 6
Super fun.  Haki and I both enjoyed this one.  It is a little too frenetic and action-ey for our girls any day soon, but we laughed quite a bit and found it entertaining.  And the short that runs before it?  Golden!
Guardians of the Galaxy
Good, but not great.  I hoped for greatness, because this movie screams my name -- hard sci fi with comedy?  SPACESHIPS!  Killer score! Ya-huh!  The opening scene is a thing of beauty!  But not the 5 stars, Forever Favourite I was seeking.  It didn't help I found Bullet super-annoying and unfunny.
The Perks of Being a Wallflower
Holy crap.  I'm still recovering from watching this movie.  It felt so intelligent and well done...yet kinda soul-destroying.  This has some seriously heavy content; if you have any dark pages in your life history, it may be best to get a friend to screen this for you before you dive in. I'm still feeling haunted as a result of all of the projecting I have done since.   I have a lot of mixed feelings about painting an accurate portrait of the adolescent experience -- especially for adolescent viewers.  This one is Adults Only, by me, and then only adults who have it on good authority from someone who knows them well that this won't pluck the stitching-string of old wounds. 

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