Thursday, January 15, 2015

More Zombie YA
Rebel, Amy Tintera
Um...I loved this.  I devoured Book 2 in this pair about super-soldier zombies!
  • The sequel introduces you to a new closed, isolated community.  Love those.
  • The narrative picks up right where it left off, with a few easily-digested refresher-notes.  The pacing is so great!
  • I felt like Book 2 presented clearer moral questions, or at least more interesting ones, to me.  
  • There's a stronger villain, in the second book (which Book 1 sadly lacked).
  • By halfway I felt SO excited to chomp my way through this book!  
  • It is like Tintera finished Book 1 and heard people say, "You could've done this," and "It would have been awesome if they'd done that," and she cried -- "YES!  YES!  They will do all the amazing things!"  OR she just had these all in mind from the start and saved them for us.  Either way, Rebel seems to realise so much more of the potential of the characters and world of Reboot.  
  • I really appreciated the way language and sex were treated for a YA audience; there are some minor references.
  • Again: violent.  Be warned.
  • It isn't perfect (let's chat, if you read).  The writing isn't mind-blowing.  But it is so fun.
Overall:  I found this to be a fantastic page-turner. Book 1 -- thrilling, and good.  Book 2 -- CHOMP chomp YUMMMMMY sci fi binge candy.

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