Friday, January 9, 2015

Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Love Book
Reboot, Amy Tintera
You read right.  That is some sub-genre, isn't it?  My dad sent this (debut!) book down to me with a casual note that he thought I might find it interesting.  I did.  I didn't clap, cry, rage, or get giddy while reading it (it lacks a real "wow" factor in any direction), but I did enjoy reading it; I'm glad that I did.  Post-apocalyptic fiction is my bread and butter.  It doesn't need to be just needs to have spaceships, epidemics, robots, abandoned cities, rebels, messed up classes or the like.  This book offers all of these but the robots.  Instead: lucid zombies. Still with me?  Hahahahahaha....pop.  Other notes:
  • It was like a playful mix of the movie Warm Bodies, the TV series Dark Angel, and the Legend and Partials book trilogies.  Maybe with a dash of (dare I say it?) Twilight and Divergent thrown in?
  • The writing is means to an end.  It isn't really painful, but it doesn't do anything particularly special either.  There were a few sentences and choices I thought were on the weak side, but overall, the dialogue holds up as above average, for YA.  The worst crime is probably cheesiness. 
  • I think if people are open to reading a book with the tag lines this cover bears, they're already up for most of what is in store.  
  • There is a lot of action.  
  • It is priiiitty violent.  From the get-go.  I like that it got started quickly and kept up the pace.  It made for a pretty fast read (4 hours, for me).
  • There is a little swearing.  No F-cussin', to my recollection, just a few S's.
  • No sex scenes, but some references and interest in sex.
  • I find it awkwardly convenient when a disease / virus / condition makes those who contract it more attractive.  Many, many worlds are guilty of this trope, but it felt like even more of a stretch applying this to zombies.
  • The characters are okay though, albeit a tad inconsistent. 
Overall?  This was a fun read after some of the more heavy contemporary novels I've been working through; a nice dose of entertaining Sci Fi.  I like it enough to read the next one, Rebel -- the conclusion to the pair (YES, PAIR!).  I'll keep you posted.

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