Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Simple Greek Food Cookbook

Taking You Home, Helena & Vikki Moursellas
When I saw review copies were available for the MKR twins' new cookbook, I was as keen as.  (Yes, that's where the sentence ends, pats).  I am very interested in tapping into recipes that have been passed down through generations, that feel authentic, and require ingredients I can find and afford.  Taking You Home does all of this...and more.  The "and more" I could have done without, but hey.

I believe these are old, authentic, achievable recipes because the twins are in a perfect position to play gatekeepers to their Yiayia's kitchen.  Their dear ol' Yiayia was not going to compile this cookbook, get an agent, and see it to our shores and my shelf.  But the twins?  Totally. 

I love Greek food, and I think this cookbook has a great selection of doable stuff.

When I say that it has even more than this, I am referring to how it also doubles as a scrapbook for the twins.  While this adds personality, it's not my favourite thing to see their selfies alongside my dinner plan.  C'est la vie!  It makes me laugh, and may or may not make me approach the meal by first proclaiming, "I've got this!"  (that's one for the MKR fans).

Available today, in bookstores.

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