Monday, March 16, 2015

Eight Yays and Nays at 8:00

  1. Yay: The Mentalist ended perfectly!  I temporarily bailed after The Red John arc wrapped up. Then I jumped back in, and I really enjoyed the final season!  (Although the finale was intense.)
  2. Nay: When I see things I had watch-listed on TradeMe go for their $1 reserve because I was busy at closing time (no, sometimes you can't bid earlier!), I think about it for at least two days.  I'm glad I was too busy living, yada yada, but $1 bikes?  Because I forgot to set an alarm?  /sigh
  3. Yay: I neglected to include one of my favourite Esky quotes from last year in her round-up post, so I'm going to give it its own point here (as well as editing it into the original post, of course!)Esky, 2014: "When I grow up, I want to be an animal rescuer, like Diego.  Only not drawn."
  4. Nay:  I experienced something new in the supermarket carpark, recently.  I wheeled my trolley of groceries up to our car, my three girls, in company.  My groceries still needed packed (I prefer to do it outside in the sun).  I had a relatively close parking space, but it wasn't a packed-out lot.  But a guy -- a guy I could see, and well -- indicated he wanted my space and sat there -- through the unlocking, hand-holding leading, belting of kids, the rushed bag-stuffing and loading (I like to pack my way too, you'll be unsurprised to hear), and most rich of all -- the trolley return.  At no point did he give it a second thought and scan for another vacant park, he waited, and watched.  I didn't enjoy it much.  It was one of the moments I would have liked to have had a bird-flipping friend.  Because I don't flip 'em, but I would've snorted a little if a defensive, more aggressive pal did.  How lame of me is that?  Fight my (non-)battles, Bravies?
  5. Feminine Hygiene Information Pending Alert (opportunity to avert your eyes, male readers)!  This is a Super-yay:  I have switched to a menstrual cup and I think they are the best.  Google your heart out if you're drawing a blank / seriously consider it if you've been on the fence / email me with a solidarity shout if you already knew about the Secret Agent feeling of control these things bring.   Emails also welcome from prospective Femmepals seeking support. /wink
  6. Nay: We have had a bad run of fruit, of late.  Stone fruits, in particular!  Deceptive avocado (I thought I knew all the tricks!), blah nectarines, and bland apricots. Oh, and one not a stone fruit -- an entirely inedible watermelon.  I grieve for fruit that won't ripen any further and advances to compost without passing go.
  7. Yay: We have been the recipients of anonymous kindnesses of late, and it has been so so heart-warming. 
  8. Yay: We went aboard a docked ship today for a tour, and Esky has been bunking on the couch on-and-off since, pretending she is in her berth at sea.  Sh, don't tell Diego!

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