Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Peculiar
The Peculiar, Stefan Bachmann
I am a parrot on this one; I agree with many reviews I've read;
  1. POSITIVE: This is sensationally good prose.  This guy can write!  Woah!  I really respect this lavish, steampunk world of wonder he has built.  He even composed a soundtrack to go with it! Re...spect.  What a rich and wondrous vocabulary to spill forth from a talented young human!
  2. NEGATIVE:  I didn't connect with the characters at all.  I never felt I got to really know or care for them.  So disappointing.
This book is clean (no swearing, sex, or overt violence), but is pretty dark, and may scare younger readers.

Overall:  If this is how Bachmann starts, and he grows from here, we could be in for mind-blowing things, in the future. 

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