Wednesday, March 18, 2015


1920's Theme Birthday Party.  (We were happy to be guests.) 
Sunday line-up.  Esky knows what's happening.
Okay, so only two of the three in this one but guys -- this!  I can't.  (Esky is thinking about what Ivy is saying, who is mid-speech.)
This one was taken just yesterday, the day Haki lit the first fire of the year for our home as autumn came to visit, in earnest.  Side note: Esky, we all want to do it, but you're not meant to actually do it.
Earlier this year, Esky offered to take the lesson during Family Home Evening.  She told us she'd need a minute to get her visuals ready.  Thatta girl.

She reappeared after a brief absence and presented two pictures for us to examine.

Before we continue: What would you think these are?  Note your answers, would you?

Esky:  Now, Ivy, what do you think this is?  Pointing to one picture.
Ivy: Icecream?
Esky: Look again.
Ivy: Egg?
Esky:  It's a Christmas tree.  Now look at this one.

Esky slid a second drawing next to the first.

Esky:  Now this is a second Christmas tree.
Ivy: Uhuh.
Esky: So how should you decorate your Christmas tree?  Like this one [tap tap tap], or this one [tap tap tap]?
Ivy: Um. This one?  She points to the tree on the left, above.
Esky.  Yes, that's right.
Ivy did her "phew" face.
Esky did this "closed lesson, my work here is done" face, which looks self-satisfied and borderline snobby.

Haki and I exchanged our, "We're going to choke but we mustn't laugh" faces.

Me: Is that it?
Esky:  Yup, that's the lesson.

It looks like I am out of a job.

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