Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Ivy is 4!

Ivy turned FOUR last weekend.  FOUR!
She chose many activities to celebrate, (including wearing capes while riding around on various wheels).  One activity was going to the movies.  We offered her two film choices, and she chose Cinderella.  After a few trailers ran, a Frozen short started, then played for about 5 minutes.  Ivy was enthrallled.  As it ended, she turned to me and sat upright as though ready to go.  I knew what was coming; "Mama?  That wasn't Cinderella!"  There was no disappointment or frustration in her tone, just a touch of confusion as she stated this fact.  Maybe even some playfulness (as though it had all been a ruse to surprise her with Frozen 2!).  Either way, that kid thought the feature had just played, and she wasn't complainin'.  Bless that little satisfied super-human.  So cape-worthy. 
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