Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Penryn & the End of Days -- Book 3 is out!


End of Days, Susan Ee
I reread Angelfall and World After in anticipation of this book's release.   I found them engaging all over again, but boy was I bombarded with how gruesome they are!  I mean, I realised the first time, but I was truly struck this second time through by it.  These are certainly not for everyone.

End of Days:
  • ...takes everything further.  And things have already gone pretty far, as readers of Books 1 and 2 know.  It threatens to be too much, occasionally, but I enjoyed suspending disbelief to see the story out, even if the effort to to be epic felt strained, occasionally.
  • Book 3 flows on so well from Book 2 (re-reading made this very clear).
  • I wasn't as impressed with the writing, in this one.  It is still fun, but felt less polished.  That said, it never gets in the way of telling the story, which I really like.
  • Dee and Dum weren't so funny, for me, although I could picture them easily.
  • There is the first crossing of the line with sensuality, in this book (heads up, folks). Language is censored (thank you!), but remember, it is gore-to-the-max.
Overall: If you enjoy dark, gruesome tales, these are consistently that.  They are also a teenage love story -- so you'll need to enjoy that as well.  I found them to be entertaining and fun post-apocalyptic reading, but something I do not intend to share with Esky (and the girls) until probably...18+years...and even then, I know I'll be wide-eyed all. over. again.

Review copy supplied by Hachette.

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