Thursday, June 4, 2015

"A novel of love, friendship and the total obliteration of mankind"

Resistance is Futile, Jenny T. Colgan
Well, this a surprising delight...
  • It starts so gently, rooted in the real and everyday, seducing you with its dialogue and quirk, and then slowly it begins to inject unusual and unlikely content, until you realise you are hoping you get to board a spaceship.  That is my kind of story development.
  • It was different.  I liked that.  It did things I didn't expect, more than once.
  • There's definitely some not-at-all-hidden-political messages...and that was okay.
  • I'm not sure I bought the love story's early peak, but I was entertained enough that I didn't care.
  • There is some sex.  It's not gratuitous, but it's in there.  The dedication at the front flags where you'll find it (a pretty funny dedication, I might add), if you want to skip/skim it. 
  • There's quite a smattering of F-bombs...which is a shame.
  • I find Colgan's writing fun and interesting, including her occasional tangent.  Some sentences were fragmented or had confused subjects, but overall, I looked forward to reading.  The style worked for me.
Sum: Comic, contemporary, romantic sci fi for those looking for something different.

Review copy from Hachette.

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