Monday, July 6, 2015

Sweet, Sweet Fruits of Laini's Mind

Lips Touch, Laini Taylor
I ordered Laini's short story collection a long time ago, and I have had it on the bookshelf, waiting.  This may seem odd, given how much I have loved all of her other work.  But the thing is, I have read all of her other work.  And I don't want it to be over yet.  While I know she is not yet finished writing, I know a new title isn't due soon enough, and so I have been holding onto this last morsel of wondrous imaginative fantasy.  For what?  For a literary "rainy day." You know the type -- when you are in between books, and the last few have failed to capture and ignite any fire inside you?  For me, the last three books (or more? Can I even be sure?) have left me in a lettered fugue.  Why was it I would trade sleep to read, again?  Was that ever tempting? 

It was time to open up my gift to self and reawaken all of the love for the words.

I am so glad I saved this book (although I intend to re-read it).

Laini, we can always count on you.

This woman's imagination! And I practically salivate over her constant prowess to turn a phrase into poetry without calling attention to itself -- to have me lapping up every sentence, turning every page, with admiration and envy.  To imagine and frame the imagined so well?  Oh my.

Lips Touch contains three tales, each beautifully-crafted and memorable.  There is darkness there -- so you should avoid these if you shy away from such, but there is delicate beauty too. 

The first has dialogue akin to Daughter.
The second has an epic love story that feels 1,000 years old, reborn in Laini's voice.
The final isn't quite as playful (although the second feels weightier, and old, as mentioned), but rather has a sombre, dark, and challenging tone.  The implied messages about our existence aren't offensive, but the characters who lack what we value are pretty scary pieces of work, who do scary things. 

For fans of DOSAB, Dreamdark, and's time you considered a self-gift too.

For the first two:
  • Warm sensuality, allusion to hot (confirmed only after marriage).
  • Mid-level cussing, nothing I found awful.
  • Some provocative possible interpretations of intended moral.
For the last:
  • This one has some potentially disturbing content, and I recommend treading carefully for those with sensitivities to invasive material.
Overall:  recommended for those of kissing age.
    Post Script:  Husband Jim's illustrations are a splendid bonus, although I do prefer my cover (the one I've led with, to the more common one featuring his work).
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