Thursday, September 24, 2015

Five at 5:00

  1. Some News: We replaced Thimba (our family vehicle).  I swallowed the cost, the girls grieved, and now we are very happy with our new vehicle, Shadow; he's pretty sleek.  Ivy insisted the new vehicle is male.  I informed her vehicles and vessels are customarily female, when personified, but she won't have it.  She knows what she wants.  Like her father, she also committed to another name for the family's new addition before settling on the permanent name...for an entire two days our new car was Jack Ebony.  Then, one morning she stood at the window looking out at the black SUV and said, "Nope, it's not Jack Ebony."  She takes naming pretty seriously.
  2. Fact: When the grass and benches are wet during a park visit and the girls warm up running around, I tie unwanted jackets to play equipment; I am not a holder of coats.  I have also been known to take a towel for drying swing-seats and slide-bottoms.  That sounds a little like slides have bottoms like people bottoms, and that amuses me greatly.  (Yes, if you scroll up, you'll see Exhibit A, pictured.)
  3. Ages: The girls are 2, 4, and 6 years of age, (from right to left in the image, above).  When I tell people this (because people ask a lot -- what with me gallivanting around with a child so obviously school-age, out of school), I find it hard NOT to a) carry on counting in twos, up to 8 and b) add a rhyme and cheerleader actions.  
  4. Game: In our old Honda CRV, whenever we saw another car like ours (it had to be the same colour too), we called out "Car like our car!" as though it was one long word.  (For a while Ivy called, "Car sounds like our car," but that is by the by).  Esky mourned the end of this game, since she would now have to cry, "Car like our old car!" and it lacked the same oomph.  I mulled some, then suggested a new game.  We now drive an OutlanderOutlanders are very common.  I suggested we play a similar game to the last, but that we call it"Lander."  Whoever spots an Outlander becomes the Lander (for having landed the sighting).  He or she has the title until someone else takes it from them.  All those who are not the Lander, are Out.  Get it?  Because Esky does, and the word play tickles her (a win for me).  Also: something about having a title / being the winner for a while has made this game more serious, to the players, than the casual announcements of the past.  The best part, is how seriously everyone takes this game, Haki and Mia included.  Haki prides himself in holding the title for an entire car drive.  I don't mind so long as I finish as the Lander, myself -- then I can be the Lander for days, even (so long as we don't go out).  The game is complicated by some people who live on the neighbouring street who own Outlanders; we round corners looking for them in their usual spots.  Mia calls "Lander!" indiscriminately and with much cuteness.  I wish this post was sponsored.
  5. Death:  My laptop died. It is really the family's laptop (we only have one computer aside from our phones), but we all call it mine, because I pay the bills, write, shop, sort photos, stream, prepare lessons, design, and do many other things apart from play math games on it.  So.  My computer died.  It was a sad time.  And an annoying one.  But I've gotta say, the blessings came in toot-sweet in an undeniable way.  I'm typing from something, aren't I?  Yes, yes I am.

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