Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Counting Down Dinos

Ten Little Dinosaurs, Mike Brownlow
There are plenty of counting books in this world but countdown books are a little rarer, and counting backwards from ten is an early learner essential skill; it's something teachers look for when they assess new entrant school children numeracy abilities.  This book embeds that number knowledge within a sweet and simple story, with colourful, lively, and funny illustrations.  I love the idea of counting down dinosaurs as they each fall victim to one thing or another --that makes sense to me -- they're dinosaurs; they're extinct, and we can only speculate as to why.  Which brings me to another point -- Esky could read this to her sisters, but she was still very happy to hear it read, and join in higher-level speculating for having engaged with it.  Do not fear, the dino cuties don't all reach a permanent demise within these pages, so you won't have a depressed toddler come book's end.  Final note: the cover looks better in the real than this flat JPG...it ~*sparkles*~.  A great book to pick up if you'd like to reinforce your "counting down" teaching and learning, or because you know a dino-fan (we count down to a few things for practice around here, but Ivy's favourite, is to watch the digital timer on the microwave countdown, saying each number as it appears). 
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