Tuesday, October 13, 2015

If It Fits, I Sits (Book Review)

If It Fits, I Sits: Cats in Awkward Places
Haki considers time dedicated to cat internet memes time well-spent.  This is no secret in our household or circle of friends.  I've even come clean about having found a few kitty memes that have made me laugh (see those here).  When Hachette's October press release included a book in print dedicated to humourous cat photography, I was in -- I mean, taking the images that ultimately distract most people from engaging with other humans (and promote anti-social surfing, screen-time) and put them in a book?  Genius!  Then we can look at them together and laugh out loud instead of lol; make it a social thing.  Right?


My girls?  Laughed really loud and really hard.
Me?  Not-a-once.  Not even a smile.
The images are good...but the captions?  Well...they're grammatically correct, and almost always on the nose (and conservative).

So if you've asked yourself, "Really, what do weird misspellings and unusual and obscure allusions add to internet memes anyway?  Why can't everyone just SPELL THINGS RIGHT?!"  I have your answer; 
They add a lot.  So much.  So the funny peop's can't just spell things right, because it will DRAMATICALLY alter the comedy.  It will virtually kill the comedy, and kill it good.  See what I did there?  I didn't use correct grammar, and it was okay.  Similarly, internet memes (in all their incorrectness) are what they are and do what they do best in their original form and domain.  The book title?  It comes from the original, years-old LOLcat meme...and it's all about the original LOLcat meme writing style, and it works splendidly.  In fact, I recommend you think the title as your caption to every page in the book (ignoring the ones that appear there), and you may just have a riot of a time.  So: sorry -- this publication is a miss, with me.

Good news: my girls love your work.

(The images within the book are not exclusive to the publication, but sourced from the internet and used with permission and acknowledgement, with new, correct captions.  So basically, they have had a good lot of their funny amputated.  I feel for the editor tasked with writing LOLcat memes without the imperfections that make them so splendid).
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