Monday, November 2, 2015

A Mahy Compilation
Nonstop Nonsense, Margaret Mahy
For those abroad who many not know our Mahy (1936-2012), she is one of New Zealand's most celebrated children's authors (she penned over 100 picture books, 40 novels, and 20 collections of short stories).  She won the Carnegie (among many other awards), so chances are you have heard of her.  Last year, I noted Esky was very fond of one of those children's novels, A Tail of a Tale.  One of my favourites of her picture books is The Great White Man-Eating Shark (if you haven't read must).

First published in 1977, Nonstop Nonsense is a collection of nonsensical short stories and verse, in true Mahy style.  Her nonsense is Norton Juster meets Dahl + Suess; rhymes and absurdity intermingling to tickle young funny bones, without vulgarity or offense. 

Quentin Blake's accompanying illustrations are perfectly suited (we especially love the Meta ones included in the introductory pages), and children familiar with his work know immediately what kind of silliness to expect.

"The Delmonico Family: The Birthday Present" was our family favourite in this collection.  What's yours?

If this sounds like something you'd like to add to your family collection, the new edition is available in bookstores now; $14.99 (October release).

Thank you, Hachette, for the review copy.
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