Sunday, November 22, 2015

Mini Movie Reviews: Bulk Hit No 44

Today's bulk hit is a collection of films ranging from good to great -- although not in a particular order.  Deal.
Tomorrow's bulk hit is a group of titles I hope to spare you from wasting your precious time on.
The Scorch Trials
The Back-up Plan
Average...and what you'd expect.  When I rented this alone one night, I actually was in the mood for a rom-com that was exactly what I expected, so this delivered that.   I like Lopez surprising amounts.  If you don't, then this may not pull you up to the tolerable line.
Begin Again
Very sweary.  Enjoyably different and authentic-feeling.
The Grand Budapest Hotel
So funny; oh the rich absurdity!  Scrumptious to behold.  But foul language and sexual content will offend a fair few of you.   If you know you don't enjoy Wes Anderson, you probably won't start now.  Ralph Feinnes was incredible.
Pixar Short Films Collection Volume 2
Our whole family really liked this collection of shorts.  More than one are very memorable.  I highly recommend checking this out.  They're great for watching as a family for a quick treat or back-to-back in place of a full-length feature.
The Fault in Our Stars
Here's my review of the book this is based on.  The movie was good.  I think the actors did well.  The book is better, which isn't true for...
If I Stay
...where I found the movie better than the book.  Here's my review of the book.  In fact, I'm pretty sure the person who recommended the book to me only did so because she liked the movie.  The novel has so many references to music, the film has the music -- the scores accompanying dramatic scenes bring it to life in a way the novel could not, for me, it was much more emotional than I found the book.
Inside Out
Finally -- it is out on DVD -- I can see what all the fuss is about!  And I do, I do.  I think this is a brilliant representation of child psychology.  I love the visual representation of the brain!  I would love for my girls to watch this again when they're a little older.  I think a lot of the nuance and cleverness of this movie is lost on younger children, so all they are left with is the power of suggestion and validation for passionate expressions of emotion (Ivy threw herself on the ground like Sadness within an hour of watching the character demonstrate what sadness looks like).  Esky, on the other hand, understood the characters represented extremes, and because of reading Good Pictures, Bad Pictures, actually said, "Riley is letting her feeling brain take charge instead of her thinking brain.  She should have thought more before she made her choices."  Um.  Yeah.  That's Esky.  Like I say, Riley's choices and everything in the movie is great for discussion -- sometimes we are overwhelmed by emotion and parts of seem to be lost or dissolving, which makes thinking hard!  I've said it many times aloud, but I'll say it again here, I still think the helicopter pilot joke is in poor taste.  I'm angry thinking about it now.
Paper Planes
I watched this one with the girls.  They liked it.  They were quick to point out that it was another family movie where the story opens sans mother.  Those are common, aren't they!?  Anyway....overall, it wasn't bad.  I will say: the trailer for this was cut very well -- I went in expecting A-grade, and that wasn't quite what I got.  Impossible plane flights aside (I can embrace magical realism in a family movie), this still has some flaws that would prevent me buying the DVD for our family collection, but it was okay.
Haki took one of his service users to see this, in-cinema, and told me it was dumb.  He disliked it so much he didn't want to watch in on DVD with me.  Eventually, I got it out on my own and caught up.  With low expectations, this wasn't bad!  I'm glad I saw it...I do hope the next film will have fewer insanely-obvious/unlikely moments (suspending disbelief is one thing, utterly ridiculous is another; 100 dauntless "hiding" on the steps of Candor?  Guys!).  I also could have a long conversation with you about Shailene Woodley's hair, if you're keen.
The Age of Adeline
Although her character shields a lot and the far-fetched pseudo-science is absurd (call it magic!) I really enjoyed it! It was lovely. Harrison Ford and Ellen Burstyn outshine their younger costars, but there was just enough chemistry (okay, beauty!) in the short shared scenes between the love interests for me to buy into their relationship and ignore the flaws. The movie is fantastical and lovely....even if there's some icky realisation moments in there (Seen it? Let's discuss!).

Back tomorrow to share the duds.

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