Monday, November 23, 2015

Mini Movie Reviews: Bulk Hit No 45

If you share similar tastes to mine, these are seven movies to skip:
(Their covers and synopses sounded appealing...but I would have rather not seen them...or I didn't even finish them.  You may have seen one or more of these and loved it -- which means your tastes are different to mine.  That's okay...and also, what the italics were for.)
The Big Wedding
This ensemble movie was way too irreverent for my taste.  Disappointing.
The Last Five Years
Meh.  Are you kidding me?  I am enduring all this jerkness for ...more jerk?  No songs from this stuck with me either.  If you asked me to hum something from this musical for you right now, I'd struggle.
Furious 7
Gag.  I knew I wouldn't like it...but GAG.
Best of Me
Pretty annoying.  Haki checked out pretty quick.  I finished it, but wished I hadn't bothered.
Great Expectations (2012)
I keep forgetting, I don't like Dickens.  This was no exception.  Ick.
The Rewrite
I expected a mediocre rom-com and instead I got something...with lesser values and more disappointment.  I held out to the end hoping I would like it more (Haki quit it)...and although things improved some for sticking with it, overall, I didn't think it was worth watching.
Men, Women and Children
STAY AWAY, if you're more sensitive.  There's soft porn within the first few minutes!  We turned this off after the second scene wasn't getting any better.  We get it, this is probably authentic...but I there are LOTS of things I don't want to see authentically portrayed on my screen.  I was excited to see a movie about the disconnect in our society filled with social media, but instead I saw very quickly it was a film about the dirty underbelly and toll of social media.  Not interested.  I know this happens...and I don't want to watch a movie about it.  Sherry, I know I can look these things up and check their content -- and I do with kids movies -- but so often doing that spoils the movie for me, I do take risks, and go off ratings alone.  A list like today's of duds is the price I pay for my approach. Here's another (beautiful) cover, in case you mental block the one above and this looks entirely fresh to you and tricks you and then gah!  It's that movie Ange talked about in different skin!
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