Thursday, November 26, 2015

Winter (More Lunar Chronicles!)
Winter, Marissa Meyer
Each of Marissa Meyer's books in this series has been a delightful treat on a glittery sci fi buffet (Cinder, Scarlet, Cress and Fairest) -- scrummy (perhaps a buffet of floating trays on blue water? /wink).  Winter was as good as the rest.

  • A lot happens, and a lot happens early.  I like.  There are frequest spikes on the virtual plot graph.
  • Perhaps because of the reliability of plot spikes (and due to the book's length), for the first time I felt a bit too aware of the that, I mean they dragged a little.  I wanted back into the action sooner than I returned.  The best interludes, however (the ones I embraced)...
  • ...were those advancing romantic relationships.  Because what I was really digging in this book, was having interwoven love stories to jump in and out of.  I was jittery with happiness in episodes for each one.  This book delivered the fuzzies.  Cress and Thorne probably most of all. 
  • Less than the love, was the comedy.  I expect to laugh or smile a lot in The Lunar Chronicles.  Winter didn't strike out completely -- it was amusing -- but since reading the first three books (I didn't re-read in prep, I might add -- maybe I should have!), perhaps: my humour has evolved / I've read works which raised the bar for funny / this book isn't as funny as the earlier installments (or a combo of these).  Hard to say.  I do think the funniest lines were Cinder's.
  • Winter is very likable.
  • Having all of the gang together is delightful.  I had more Firefly moments in this book (which I had earlier in the series).
  • I think the discerning inclusion of selected fairytale elements was very satisfying.
  • The layers within the world are engrossing and wonderful.
  • Having read Fairest before Winter paid off.  I get this villain.  I mean, I really get her.  So much so...I think I still have some pity for her.
I wouldn't call this an explosive, better-than-the-rest book, but I would say it is a strong and satisfying conclusion to the set (it ain't a fizzer).
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