Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Eight Summer Things at 8:00

  1. I was called as the Young Women's president (girls' youth class and group leader).  I daily call upon miracle math to make multiple mammoth responsibilities jive.
  2. A while ago I finished another blog header for a delightful home-schooler I know.  You can check it and her here.
  3. My parents came and celebrated Christmas here.  It was the first time we have had them in Dunedin for the occasion, and it was lovely to spend time with them.  The highlight of their stay was probably the night we played "In Reverse" around the table with them and friends (those are keywords worth searching in the app store, y'all). 
  4. We had a mildew outbreak in our home library collection.  This has led to much time, energy and money being spent.  It was a sad discovery followed by a somber, systematic response.  I have read more pages on Library Collection Mould Management Protocol than the average human.  Some happy results have come from the saga, but they're still somewhat tainted by the memory of what forced our hands to salvage, cull, procure and rearrange. 
  5. Haki and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary a little over a week ago.  He's a keeper.
  6. I'm eating less sugar.  A loud part of my brain thinks this is the same as self-harm.  That part is wrong.
  7. It was my birthday yesterday.  Many simple and sweet things occurred.  Sweetest of all, was probably the way my eldest child took to ensuring family birthday traditions rolled out for her mother as they do for her -- all modified for having been orchestrated by her hand.  I donned a crown and cape to be the Birthday Queen (items from the girls' dress-up drawer), sat upon a throne at the family table (a kitchen chair decorated in dress-up drawer scarves), and met an arrangement of gifts on said table (drawings by all three girls, in used envelopes they had redecorated).  It was perfect.  I am a person who sincerely enjoys these types of gifts and celebration.  I don't really want for many things.  Truly.  In fact, it is hard to give me something, because my life and home are so full.  Ask my husband (poor Haki).  But doing sweet things for me?  This simple celebration by my children?  It was exquisite, and there is plenty room for it.  I also cherish some sewing and cooking a dear friend did for me.  And another dropped off a basket of home-grown produce.  There's always room for that!  I also went on a date with my husband which was so so nice.  He's so swell.
  8. Mia has been asking where my birthday cake was, ever since.  She even prayed about the cake tonight.  Thank goodness for generous mother-in-laws.  Come Sunday, Mia's fixated little heart will be appeased (and with the most delicious cake ever!  She is making this apple and walnut cake with butterscotch is divine)

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