Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Esky at 6.5

These paparazzi follow me everywhere.  Thank goodness for my bodyguard.
Esky at 6.5:
  • She saves things.  Things like treats...for a long time sometimes.  Long enough to forget they exist, even.
  • She loves horses still (gasping even at a picture of a horse), but is also very fond of birds, dragons and unicorns.
  • Once when Haki was giving voice to different characters, he assigned a distinctive noise to a mother character.  Esky cried, "Mamas don't snore!"  She was so passionate!  I was startled to hear her assertion, since she is often the first to correct people who base judgements on a very small sample (we've talked about stereotypes).  But apparently, Mamas don't snore.  (Haki notoriously does.)
  • After we finished reading the book about porn-proofing kids, Esky started applying the simplified psychology principles everywhere.  One cold day, we saw a group of people emerge from a dairy with large cones of icecream.  She shook her head and said, "They need to let their thinking brain be in charge."  She thought it was ludicrous, clearly, to crave icecream and buy icecream, in the cold.  (I've done it.)  She has also brought up this same idea in reference to kids she knows who hit when they're angry. 
  • We have never brought up the chicken or the egg question-cliche at home, so I was surprised the other day when she settled upon the chicken and egg as her first place for appreciating a circular dilemma.  She brought it up over breakfast; "I've been thinking about the chicken and a egg..."  Haki and I looked at each other and laughed.  She then explained the problem, and confirmed she thought it was truly puzzling to decide which had come first.
  • She reads in bed, in nooks, in the car waiting for someone to finish an errand / finish work, on the couch to her sisters, and reads signs while we're out.  It warms my soul. 
  • She still has phobias about crawly things.  Serious ones.  It makes me sad...because I don't share them and wish it was as simple as telling her to snap out of it.  It isn't.
  • When Esky plays, she does not play with a toy, she plays within a scene.  She must set an entire backdrop for her play.  Ivy and Mia are quite happy to animate dolls for half an hour.  Esky needs to get a blue blanket waterfall, lay a green scarf for grass, arrange blocks for fencing, set up animals for a museum exhibit, and draw up a menu for the museum cafe.  When she is done with her staging, it is often approaching time to pack up and move on to going out / a meal / bedtime / outdoor play / a lesson.  The poor girl.  Her sisters are ever picking up her scenes alongside her at play's end even though they were only interested in bouncing a single horse and giving it a voice.
  • She led birthday traditions on my birthday with a crown, cape, and gifts in a way that was devastatingly darling.
  • She loves plasters (band-aids).  When she gets a minor (sometimes nearly undetectable injury) she holds it close for my inspection and claims, "See?  SEE?" and I know what she means.  She means: "This warrants a plaster.  HONEST."
She wanted this to happen but she also didn't want it to happen.  Apprehension-face.
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